mapping cyberspace
Martin Dodge & Rob Kitchin
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The Email News Bulletin

Cyber-Geography Research provides a regular news bulletin to those interested in mapping cyberspace and geography of the Internet. It is free and emailed out about once a month.

If you would like to receive the email bulletin, please fill in the subscription form.

Note that:

  • the bulletin Mailing List will not be made available to any other third-parties,
  • bulletins will not be sent more than once a month,
  • the size of each bulletin will be kept to a minimum,
  • the bulletin is totally free,
  • you can remove yourself from the list at any time.

A full archive of previous news bulletins is available.

The Email Discussion List

The Mapping-Cyberspace list is for the free and open discussion of any aspect of mapping, measuring and visualising the Internet, the Web and other elements of cyberspace. There is a growing body of work developing visualisation techniques to map Internet infrastructure, traffic flows, user demographics and information structures.

The list is open to all. It is not just for academics.

Areas for discussion might include (this is not a definitive list):

  • what needs to mapped?
  • how to gather accurate and representative data,
  • the role of 'geography' in mapping the Internet,
  • techniques for mapping and visualising information structures< of the Web,
  • appropriate degrees of interactivity, issues of usability and aesthetics,
  • relevant calls for papers, conference announcements and product releases,
  • suggestions of new research, web sites and papers,
  • the social and cultural meaning of maps of cyberspace,






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