mapping cyberspace
Martin Dodge & Rob Kitchin
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Gallery of Maps

All the maps and images from the book are available here in full colour for online browsing.

Chapter 1. Introducing cyberspace

1.1 Merging time lines of cyberspace
1.2 The development of ARPANET (1969-1975)
1.3 Virtual geography

Chapter 4. Introducing the cartographies of cyberspace

4.1 The evolution of maps
4.2 Map projections pre-1569
4.3 UK clickable website directory

4.1 Wired Whitehall
4.2 Virtual UCL

Chapter 5. Mapping information and communication technologies

Colour Plates
1A: UUNET UK backbone, 1998
1B: Network connectivity by Larry Landweber
1C: GeoBoy three-dimensional traceroute
1D: NSNET traffic flows by Donna Cox and Robert Patterson
1E: Web Hopper dynamic traffic map

2A/B/C: Interactive visualisations of traffic flows by Stephen Eick and colleagues
3A: Circadian geography of cyberspace

5.1: Israeli Internet infrastructure
5.2: MIDS icon host map, 1997
5.3: Three-dimensional surface of IP address space density in the UK for government agencies
5.4: Imperative! domain name maps (a) dot map of the US, (b) 2.5-dimensional map of New York
5.5: Domain name maps for San Francisco (a) SF and Bay Region (b) SF downtown (c) SF multimedia district
5.6: Frame from a SaVi animation of the Teledesic satellite constellation
5.7: Mapnet interactive map of Internet infrastructure
5.8: Three-dimensional VRML map of the CESNET backbone
5.9: Three-dimensional MBone maps: (a) global view, (b) Europe, (c) USA
5.10: NeoTrace traceroute
5.11: VisualRoute traceroute
5.12: Usenet traffic flows
5.13: European traffic flows, 1997
5.14: Palantir web traffic visualisation
5.15: MIDS Internet Weather Report animation frames
5.16: Daily rates of messages and participants in Usenet, November 1. 1996 to January 18, 1997
5.17: Hourly rates of messages and participants in Usenet, November 12, 1996 to November 18, 1996
5.18: Three-dimensional CAD model of human extensibility

5.1: Network Society Map

Chapter 6. Spatialising cyberspace

Colour Plates
3B: Plankton Interactive Visualisation by Bradley Huffaker and Jaeyeon Jung
3C: ISP Interconnectivity by Hans-Werner Braun
4: Internet connectivity graph
5A: Site Lens map of a website
5B: Information Landscape - Harmony hypermedia browser
5C: VR-Vibe datascape
5D: Webspace landscape by Tim Bray
5E: Hyperbolic visualisation of a website
6A: Three-dimensional graph visualisation HyperSpace
6B: Semantic Constellation
6C: WebPath browsing history
6D: Site Manager hyperboloic visualisation of a website
6E: HotSauce information fly-through

6.1: Topological map of ARPANET in 1969
6.2: Topological Map of ARPANET in 1977
6.3: University of Buffalo campus backbone
6.4: Topological map of Internet Initiative Japan Backbone, from October 1999
6.5: Topological map of the MBone from 1996
6.6: Conceptual map of cyberspace 1994
6.7: ET-Map - hierarchical category map
6.8: Hand-crafted, static maps of web sites (a) Hilton Hotels (b)Yell Guides
6.9: Astra SiteManager
6.10: Footprints map of website activity
6.11: MAPA website landscape by Dynamic Diagrams

6.1: NewsMaps from June 1999
6.2: Examples of information maps: (a) Visual SiteMap, (b) Cyberspace Geography Visualization, (c) WEBSOM, (d) Map of the Market, (e) Digital Library Access
6.3: 3D New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor

Chapter 7. Mapping asynchronous media

Colour Plates
6F: Visual Who by Judith Donath
7A: Parasite experimental email application
7B/7C/7D: Loom maps of a Usenet newsgroup
7E/7F: Chat Circles

7.1: Typical Usenet interface
7.2: Crosspost map of a Usenet newsgroup using Netscan

Chapter 8. Mapping synchronous media

Colour Plates
8: Satellite maps of the urban development of AlphaWorld

8.1: IRC chat interface
8.2: Schematic of the generic spaces found in a MUD
8.3: Hand drawn maps of the centre of two MUDs (a) TinyLondon, (b) LambdaMOO
8.4: Part of Discworld MUD
8.5: Automatic mapping of MUD room topology using zMUD

8.1: Model of the room topology of BayMOO
8.2: Three different virtual world interfaces
8.3: Views of AlphaWorld
8.4: Urban density of AlphaWorld, August 1999
8.5: Maps of AlphaWorld at eight scales, generated by the Vevo mapping system
8.6: 30 Days in Active Worlds



(c) 2002 Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin