Mapping Cyberspace
Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin


What Does Cyberspace Look Like?

How Is Cyberspace Changing Social Relations?

Will Cyberspace Make Geography Obsolete?


Mapping Cyberspace, by Martin Dodge & Rob Kitchin
Published by Routledge
October 2000: 246x174: 296pp
Paperback ISBN 0-415-19884-4: £19.99 / $32.99
Hardback ISBN 0-415-19883-6: £60.00 / $99.00

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Martin Dodge & Rob Kitchin

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"Mapping Cyberspace is one of the first, if not the first book about the geographies of the Internet. It is an eclectic compendium of cyber-information and a must read for anyone serious about spatial, geographic, and cartographic representations of cyberspace." David Maguire, ESRI Inc

"... this delightful volume constitutes the most comprehensive and analytical treatment of cyberspace yet written by geographers." Barney Warf, Floria State University

"Overall, Mapping Cyberspace is an important pioneering work. It conveniently collects a great deal of useful material, and it provides sensible and frequently insightful introductions to the associated issues." William J Mitchell, MIT

"This is an excellent, innovative and thought-provoking book. It does a valuable service to the discipline of geography by demonstrating most effectively that even in cyberspace, geography still matters."
Andy Gillespie, University of Newcastle

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